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Companies we have certified:

Companies we have certified: Aspen Pharmacare, Avbob, Cell C, Hollard, Distell, Airports Company South Africa, Modern Centric, Spoor Fisher, Mix Telematics, Relativmedia, Servest, VISA, OpenServe, AMIS

Why top-tier companies get certified:

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage

Having a third-party certification means that your business has been seen as upholding great quality and performance levels and therefore differentiates you from your competitors

Consumers will trust you

Consumers will trust YOU

A certification will give your organisation a stamp of approval as a reliable and ethical establishment in your respective field. Think of it as ‘a badge of excellence’.



Certification marks your business as a  trusted organisation. When you’re recognised amongst the best of the best, you automatically boost your credibility and prestige amongst your peers.

Earning potential increased

Earning potential increased

Because clients and consumers want only the best, from the best. 

Our certification specialists:

"Transformation isn’t easy, but it is inevitable. South Africa’s businesses are at the forefront of transformation. Whether it be digital, managerial, cultural or strategic. Let's get you certified as a Top Empowered Company"
"Gender equality is a fundamental human right. 'UN Women notes that companies with the highest representation of women in executive committees and positions perform and compete better than their counterparts.' Lets get your organisation reaping rewards of gender equity"
"We research and celebrate fast-growth organisations (private & public sector) that include: fast track, rising performer & leading performers."
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